Death, murder and things that go bump in the night!

Never before has a combination of Reigateਯrrible history, paranormal activity and unexplained events been put together in such a way as the 婧ate Ghost Walk༯p>

The 90 minute tour takes in haunted buildings, sites of murder and historical nasties.

It࡬l terribly over-acted and audience participation is encouraged.

Gavin has spent an evening in Knightथpartment store with Val Hood (a psychic/medium who has appeared in Living TVэost Haunted젴he Sussex Paranormal Investigation team and the shop೴aff.

蹠did Knight୥rchandise move around at night? Who is Joshua, and why does the purple lady haunt this store?ﰾ

All will be revealed on the Reigate Ghost Walk, as well as many other tales of mystery from beyond the veil.

Hear of Reigate's witches, ghosts, hangings and highwaymen.

Donࢥ surprised to see bats, death watch beetles and black cats.

Bring a torch and a strong constitution.

You have been warned!

Reigate Ghost Walk: A HORRIBLE evening out!
07757 384625


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